Ring Ceremony 2013

The Triton Engineering Student Council invites graduating engineers and alumni of the Jacobs School to participate in the Jacobs School of Engineering Ring Ceremony.

The ceremony will include the presentation of special recognition awards, a keynote speaker, the Jacobs School graduation oath, and the presentation of the rings. The graduation oath encourages participants to uphold standards of ethics, integrity, and quality as practicing engineers and as graduates of the Jacobs School. Participants will receive a ring to be worn as a symbol of this commitment. The ring is a plain 5mm sterling silver band engraved on the inside with "UCSD Jacobs 2015."

The ceremony is a black and white affair

The Jacobs School of Engineering Ring Ceremony does not conflict with any other college graduation ceremonies on campus.



Stoles cost $30 and rings cost $34 before April 17th. After April 17th, ring prices will go up to $39. There will be an $8 dollar shipping fee for those who would like to purchase a ring but cannot attend the ceremony.
Keep an eye on your email for more information closer to 10th week about picking up your stole. Rings will be available for pickup during the ceremony.

When & Where

Start Time

Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 8:00 PM


Event takes place on the Warren Mall in the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Reception follows the ceremony in the Bear Courtyard.

Upcoming Tabling Dates

Extended Hours - Week 8
The registration table can be found in the lobby of Jacobs Hall (EBU I)
Due to many requests, TESC will be selling rings and stoles during our regular hours Tuesday - Friday in the Jacobs Hall Lobby! Please note that this is your absolute LAST CHANCE to buy a ring or stole. Please come prepared with cash or a check. Stoles cost $30, and rings cost $39. All those who are purchasing rings will be able to participate in the Ring Ceremony on June 13th at 8pm.
Tuesday: 4 - 6 pm
Wednesday: 9 - 1 pm
Thursday: 10 - 12 pm
Friday: 10 - 1 pm



Email ring@tesc.ucsd.edu